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Electrodeless lamp Electrodeless lamp
  • Company Name:Shenzhen Greenway Electronic Co.,Ltd
  • Year Registered:1998
  • Registered capital:500000 dollar
  • Number of Employees:101 - 200 People
  • Company Certificates: ISO 14001 ,ISO 14001
  • Monthly Capacity:3000000 piece
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Company Info

Company Profile The predecessor of Shenzhen Greenway Electronic Co., Ltd. was Shenzhen Greenway Electronic Products Processing Plant which had been set up in the end of last century. Initially, the plant focused on the R&D and production about the plastic parts of lighting. Because we have the innovative concept and are highly responsible for the product quality, our plant has won an excellent reputation in the lighting industry. In recent years, the company has paid more attention to being close to the market demands, increasing and improving the production equipments and recruiting the outstanding professionals, all of which have made the scale of our plant enlarged greatly. Brand Symbol The company regards the pattern "" which is deformed  Chinese Knot standing for the solidarity as the product trademarks, hoping to hold together with all of the predecessors and fellow workers in the industry for a better future! Quality Goals With the work experience  many years, many outstanding professionals are engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of the products. From the design source, it is emphasized that the quality and lower costs should begin  the design! We have determined to go beyond the objective needs of customers, and to provide the high-quality products and high-quality services. Quality Control System Quality Control System is helpful to ensure the products with high quality and their consistency. And so the company actively improved the quality assurance system, and successfully passed UKAS ISO9001:2000 Quality Control System Certification of British Crown at the end of 2006. Product Range The company aspires to become the expert of manufacturing the high-quality connectors and switches, and so its products include all kinds of switches, connectors, junction boxes and other lighting plastic parts. Certificate of Accreditation High-quality products can not be separated  the supply of high-quality parts. And so all of the switches and connectors produced by our company own the Security Certificate in America, Europe, Australia and Asia, for example, UL of the United States and Canada's CSA in America; ENEC of EU, Germany's TUV and SEMKO and CE of Sweden in the Europe; Australia's SAA; and the China's CQC and Japan's PSE in Asia. These international certification is not only prove that our products have high quality and high reliability, but also will help our customers smoothly and easily obtain the relevant security certificate...

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